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*80’s Music* Online Dance Party – Free on Zoom

2 juillet-22h00 / 3 juillet-2h00

*80’s* music. This party is gonna be phat, gnarly and totally radical dude!

*80’s Music*

Pop, Rock & Rap

Online Dance Party

10 PM to 2 AM EST


ZOOM LINK: Click this link on the night of the event to join us at the party!

This is an inclusive party. EVERYONE is welcome and made to feel so; just a heads up though, our parties do tend to get a bit hot sometimes and so do some of the song requests. 🔥😲

I will also be taking requests. Do you want to hear a song that everyone will enjoy? Just let me know and I’ll put it on for us.

Join me on the dance floor or come just to listen to some good music and meet new friends.

I look forward to partying with all of you soon!

Cynthia ~ XOXOXO

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Saturday, July 9 ~ 10 pm to 2 am EST